What is an Instagram Handle?

What is an Instagram Handle ? (Insta Language )

What is an Instagram Handle? (Insta Language )

Instagram is a free online social networking platform that was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

Instagram lets its users edit and upload pics and short videos. In an addition, they can add captions to each of their posts and use hashtags.

While creating a personal Instagram profile you have to choose a handle. You are free to choose the handle according to your choices. The handle can be of your own name or any other username which signifies you. It can contain up to 30 characters.


The handle word here indicates your Instagram profile. Other Instagram users can tag using your username that is your Instagram handle in their pics, posts, pages, videos, etc.

Being a business person if you want to promote your business then your Instagram handle should consist of your business name. It will increase your publicity and reachability. The hashtags which you will use will help you to achieve your targets.

Changing an Instagram handle

If you want to some changes or you want to update your Instagram handle you can do so by just following some of these steps which are mentioned below :

1. Firstly open your Instagram profile

2. Click on edit profile

3. After that tap on username and create a new handle that you want to create.

4. At the right corner click on the checkmark icon

Remember after creating a new username you are not able to use your previous username again until 14 days. But again you can have your new username.

Different Instagram Terms

Let’s get familiar with some of the Instagram terms :

Tag: By just using the *’@’* symbol before someone’s username you can tag that particular user to your post, pic, videos, etc.

Feed: On your homepage of Instagram you will be able to have a look at the latest updates of the people whom you follow.

Highlights: Stories on Instagram disappeared after one day, you can pin your stories and this is being called highlights. After doing so these stories can be viewed again by the users who used to view your profile.

Boomerang: short loop videos can be shared by using this feature.

AR Filters: These are some filters that are generated by computers to add some graphics, realistic effects to a live video.

IG Reels: Small videos of up to 15 to 30 seconds. You can add sounds, filters, and other effects to it.

In the end, we can conclude that in today’s digital world Instagram handles are very unique and one can use its creativity to expand its online business or some other pages. You can use your creativity to make your Instagram handles more attractive and can increase its reachability.



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