Try again later Instagram | How to fix try again later error Instagram

Instagram try again later is commonly seen between many insta users nowadays, it is basically the action blocked problem that is seen with many Instagram users because they sometimes try to do some stuff that is not legal according to the Instagram algorithm or actions that were not allowed by Instagram. so, what Instagram used to do is just limit the things that that person can do on insta for some time i.e like for 4-5 days or for 2-3 weeks.

Your actions that can lead to your IG account get action blocked or restricted –

  1. Using third-party software to increase likes and followers on Insta.
  2. Continuously liking more than tonnes of posts for a long period of time.
  3. Following and unfollowing a lot of people continuously.
  4. Commenting the same comment on many posts ( this makes Insta feels like the user is using a bot for doing so ).
  5. Using bots for maintaining ig accounts.

There are some more reasons because of which your account gets action blocked or restricted.

Till now we have talked about what our problem is and what can cause that problem now we will talk about the solution of this problem.


The solution to this problem is easy but can take some time according to the violation. Simply follow my steps to get it done-

  1. Take a screenshot of the message (that action blocked message)  that is shown on your screen while doing any activity.
  2. Take another screenshot of your profile.
  3. just go to Instagram settings >Help >Report a problem>Report a problem> and attach your screenshots there and after that white a brief description of the problem, you are facing.
  4. After submitting those screenshots just log out of your account and don’t open it for approx 24 hours.
  5. Following these steps will surely solve your problem.






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