6 thoughts on “How to fix “Please wait a few minutes before trying again on Instagram””

  1. please wait a few minutes before you try again instagram login day 3 before was full @sejal12k_ now log agian ?

  2. it has been 2 days please wait a few minutes before u try again …. how can i get login into my account … plz say me … i am hopeless instagram must help me in this process as soon as possible .. i even kept a mail .. i hope i should a reply by the team of instagram ….thank you

    1. Follow the following steps if your problem didn’t get solved –
      1.Update your Instagram app
      2.if step 1 doesn’t work uninstall and install the application again.
      3. If step 1 and 2 doesn’t work, try to login to your id in another device .
      Hope this will help, if not feel free to contact me again.

  3. @chai2_photography
    Please wait few minutes before you try again. Solve this problem. 2days vpn use step… All now working please help

  4. I have been trying to get back into my account for 4 days . I continue to get the same error message please help. This is really a stressful process. I will never log in and out of my account again

  5. Hello I’m getting the error message please try again in a few minutes after logging from
    One account to the other. Will the block eventually be lifted ? I even tried downloading a vpn. At first I was able to log in on my web browser but not the app, then I changed my password on the web browser and it
    Gave me the wait a few minutes before logging in again. Help!

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