Instagram Try again or ACTION Blocked solved

Nowadays many of us are facing this action blocked or try again problem . Sometimes this problem disappears within a few hours sometimes it takes days and sometimes it also takes weeks to get solved. If you still keep on doing stuff for example like and commenting on others’ posts even in action blocked times this problem can take months to get solved. As I was facing this problem so I searched for the solution and I came across many and in this article, I am going to tell you the method that actually worked for me.

so let’s get started –

  • First of all, if you guys are facing this problem then stop interaction(liking and commenting on others posts)  on Instagram for some time
  • Take a screenshot of the action blocked message when seen by you for the first time and save that screenshot for the later use that it will be telling you in this article
  • After taking the screens shot of that action blocked message simply click on the report the problem option in that action blocked message and close that action blocked message
  • Now go to the settings section and then open the help option and choose first option-Report a Problem
  • Now a new window will pop up showing three options – Report Spam or Abuse

Send Feedback

Report a Problem

  • For action blocked problem we have to select report a problem option.

and then a screen will appear there you have to write the message like – I am facing this action blocked message from the last 3 days so please help me regarding this issue. Thank you.

  • After writing a message just attach the screenshot that you have taken before and submit this report from the top right corner of the Instagram app on that page.
  • Now logout your account and remove all the login information from the Instagram app and don’t open your account for at least 2 days.
  • After two days you can check whether your problem is solved or not.


NOTE- If the problem still persists then report again with a longer appeal and 2-3 screenshots. 


You can also check out the following video for reference –


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