How to Unfollow everyone on Instagram in a single go

How to unfollow everyone in a single go ? this question seems so easy to answer but it is not !

It includes many factors and things that should be kept in mind before doing so .

There are some ways to unfollow everyone in a single go . And those few tricks works but what will happen to your account after you unfollow wvwryone is unpredictable .

Instagrams have some limits that everyuser have to follow . These limits includes maximum number of following and maximum number for people you can follow -unfollow in a hour. This limit is 200 .

yes , Instagram allows you to follow – unfollow only 200 peoples per hour and if your try doing it for more than these lists of instagram you might get a problem .

Instagram will send you action blocked message again and again if you keep following and following peoples because it violated instagram rules . And if a user keep violating these rules he/she might face problems on his/her instagram account like shadow ban and other problem. Take a look at this post to know the problems you can face on instagram while following -unfolowing many peoples at a single time.

So, I suggest you to follow unfollow people under a certain limit of 200 per hour and for doing this I will suggest you to use this app .

Download app from this link –


After downloading app just login with your instagram account details and there you can see the details of your account in that app .

Follow my steps to do this process-

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