How to Read Instagram Message without seen

Many of us wanted to know this trick of how to read Instagram messages without seen. so I thought about writing this article showing you guys how to read someone’s message won Instagram without seen.

First of all, let me tell you this is just an Instagram glitch and nothing other than that.

Let’s get started,

I will show this trick to you step by step with images, and for your help, I have also created a video on youtube, you can also check that out. You can take a look at the lower end of the video.

There are two methods for this, one is basically a glitch and another one is Instagrams feature that a very few know how to use –


  1. Open Instagram and login to your id in which you want to try this trick.
  2. After that turn off your mobile Internet data or wifi connection and Turn on Airplane Mode.
  3. After that, you can open any message without knowing that person that you have seen that message.
  4. After reading the message just logout the id and simply close the Instagram.
  5. Now you can Turn on your Mobile data or Internet Connection and continue back to Instagram.
  6. There you can see that you still have that message unseen ( you can see the message notification at the top right corner of the Instagram app.



  1. This method is basically one of the instagram features . Lets take a look at how it works –
  2. Open instagram and login with the id in which you want to try this trick
  3. after that just go to settings section and then go to privacy section and there you see a option Restricted Accounts .
  4. After going to restricted accounts just select the account from which you want to read message secretly and restrict that account .
  5. Now that account is restricted and we can read the message from them without letting them know.
  6. after reading the message you can unrestrict that account from the same settings –



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