How to know if someone muted you on Instagram?

How to know if someone muted you on Instagram | Muted on Instagram

How to know if someone muted you on Instagram | Muted on Instagram

Do you want to know who blocked you on Instagram? Just follow my tips to know who blocked you on Instagram.

We all want our mutual followers to interact with our posts like we did with their posts but many people use to mute our posts and don’t interact with posts on Instagram.

So, why would we interact with their posts? To solve this I got some methods to find out who muted us on Instagram.

Some ways to know who muted you on Instagram are as follows –

  1. Adding a person to our close friend list.
  2. Using third-party Application.
  3. Posting stories.
  4. Instagram feature.

We can definitely find out who has muted us on Instagram. We can check this out with the help of methods as stated above. All the methods as stated are working and can help us find out the person who muted us.

Let’s talk about them in brief –

How to know if someone muted you on Instagram?

  1. Adding a person to your close friend list to confirm whether that person has muted us or not – We can simply add a person to close friend list and upload something on our story so that we can find out that, the particular person has blocked us or is it just our imagination.
  2. Using third-party software to find out whether we are muted by someone or not. We can download any third-party applications from the play store like – Instagram Insights, Instagram Oversights. What these applications use to do is they just provide brief information about our account and bonds with the friends and with the help of that information we can sort out whether someone has blocked us or not I.e there is an option of Ghost followers in some apps that options used to sort out those people that interacted least with your post. so we can get an idea of people who muted us.
  3. We can simply put stories and check whether that particular person that we have doubted upon is watching our stories within 24 hours or not. We can repeat that for some time to confirm our doubt.
  4. Instagram feature – Nowadays Instagram is so advanced that it uses to provide us the information about the guys we have least interacted with. So that demographics can also help us to find out who has MUTED us.


What will happen when you are muted by someone on Instagram?

If you are muted by someone on Instagram then none of your posts will be visible on their timeline or feed i.e they will not be able to see what you are doing on Instagram.

Simply your story or post none will be visible to the person who muted you on Instagram.


Can someone know that I muted them? 

No, there is no particular notification that a person receives when they are muted by someone.

Yes, they can get to know about this if they will follow the steps they are reading in this article.


How will I know if someone muted my messages?

You can get to know if someone muted your messages as before getting muted their active status will be visible to you but after getting muted that active now status will not be visible to you.



If you will follow the steps that were stated in this article then you can easily check out who has blocked you.





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