How to Increase likes on Instagram | Get FREE Instagram Likes

Nowadays many of us want to increase our Instagram post like but, after trying so much to get those likes we fail, but with the reference to this post, I am going to tell you how to get Instagram likes as many as you want.

First of all, I want to tell you that you don’t have to pay money for this, but it’s not at all free, what I mean to say is that its a give and take trick . Basically we are getting likes in exchange of our given likes, as oi told you its a GIVE AND TAKE trick.

How to Increase Likes On Instagram –

Just follow my steps and I will assure you at the end that this trick is working with proofs, you can also check out my video showing the live proof of this working trick (video is at the end of this post ) –

1- We are doing this with the help of a chrome extension known as Likes4like .So, just visit the chrome extension store and search there for like4like extension.

2-Install that extension in chrome browser.

3- open Instagram in chrome browser and log in with the id in which you want to increase your likes.

4-after login with your id you can see that at the top right corner of our google browser we can see this extension called like4like (as we can see in the picture below)

5-Simply click that extension and you can see there your profile and the likes you have earned.

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