How to Fix Instagram Shadow Ban

Instagram shadow ban is basically a ban on our posts because of using wrong hashtags or banned hashtags by Instagram . Shadow Ban is a condition in which our posts doesn’t appear under theĀ  hashtags section that were used in that post by the user .

Shadow ban is caused if we continuously uses the same hashtags again and again . Using the same hashtags again and again makes it look spamy and Instagram adds your profile in its likely spam section of database and for sometime or for lifetime your id saves in that likely spam data base causing the shadow ban on your whole profile and all posts . And after some period of time our account gets totally ignored by the Instagram explore page .

So , what I want to tell you is that don’t let this shadow ban happen ever to your account . Because if this problem happens one time then it can lead to several problems attached with it like your posts will stops appearing in the explore page.

But this doesn’t happen to every account that gets shadow banned , this happens with some rare cases only .

Various solutions that we can do to get rid of shadow ban are as follows –


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