Mistakes that we do on Instagram

As a new account owner or under greed and excitement of gaining more and more followers we keep on following – following peoples randomly and gets that action blocked message on that new account many times.

The problem is not with following and following people it is with keep doing it again and again many times and getting that action blocked message again and again . That action blocked is harmful for our account(specially for new accounts on Instagram ) . What harm it does to our account is that it adds our account in the likely spam list of Instagram and when we keep on doing things again and again that we should not do , we gets that action blocked message again and again which eventually ends up adding our account in spam list of Instagram database and after that growth of our account stops . It harms our account in following ways –

our hashtags stops working .

we  get shadow banned on Instagram .

Instagram stops suggesting our post to other users ( i.e our posts stops appearing in explore section)

and even after a period of time Instagram stops showing our post to our followers too.

So, at the end it makes our account of no use .

that’s why we should avoid doing follow unfollow continuously wvwn after getting action blocked message on our account .

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